Ice Cream Drives

It has become a tradition to have monthly drives to sometimes out of the way places so we can enjoy some ice cream with fellow MINI enthusiasts. This year we’re going to continue with going on Tuesday evenings. Here’s the outline for upcoming drives in 2020.

May 12 – Cratty Shack – Colfax

21 East State Street – Colfax, Iowa

The Cratty Shack has reopened with new ownership so lets show our support and head to Colfax.

We’ll depart at 6 PM from the Hy-Vee in Altoona. Don your club apparel, charge up the walkie and join us for a sweet drive thru the county. Weather is always a factor on these runs so just keep that in mind. We’ll keep you posted!

Please RSVP to the Facebook event page or email to Laura by midnight, Friday May 8th.

Let’s motor for ice cream!!

June 9 – Goldie’s – Prairie City

304 W 2nd Street – Prairie City, Iowa

Due to the virus Laura is changing the location. Perry could still be a ‘hot spot’ so let’s not put ourselves in danger. Remember if Mother Nature isn’t good to us our event will be cancelled as there’s not enough seating inside for all of us.
Please RSVP to the Facebook event page or email to Laura. And be sure your walkies are charged and in the MINI with your name badge. We’ll head out from SE Polk High School at 6:30 PM sharp. Hope to see you MINIacs.

July 14 – Jersey Freeze – Monroe

103 Ralph St, Monroe

A suggestion and a new place to invade!! Let’s check it out! FYI..they have BBQ pork and hot ham & cheese sandwiches if anyone’s interested.

Departing from SE Polk High School at 6 PM. Don your apparel (don’t forget your name badge), charge up them walkies and let’s motor to Monroe. Keep Mother Nature in mind, as always.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event page or email to Laura by midnight, Thursday, July 9. We always like to warn those whom we’re going to invade!

August 11 – Billy’s Ice Cream Store – Adel

308 Nile Kinnick Dr S, Adel

Nice place, nice people and great ice cream! Plus a perfect parking lot across the street for us to display our MINI’s. Dirty MINI’s welcome. After all motoring is sometime dirty work, right?

We’ll depart from MODM at 6 PM. Don your apparel, grab your walkie, get your tummy’s ice cream compartment ready and let’s motor to Billy’s. Keep an eye on weather…..
Plenty of parking in the bank across the street.

Please RSVP to the Facebook event page or email to Laura by midnight, Friday, August 7th. Bring the standard stuff; apparel, name badge and fully charged Walkies!

September 8 – Over the Top – Pleasant Hill

955 NE 56th Street, Pleasant Hill

Last ice cream run of the 2020 season and weather is NOT a factor. Rain or shine they have room for us indoors. YIPPEE!! And great ice cream wonders to boot.

Let’s depart from Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines (2500 Grand) at 6 PM and take a run on the bypass to Pleasant Hill. Walkies are always good on a motoring event no matter how close. Don your apparel and we’ll see you at the Park.
Bring your 2 ways and please RSVP by midnight, Friday Sept 4th via Facebook or email to Laura.