Ice Cream Drives

It is our tradition to have monthly drives to sometimes out of the way places so we can enjoy some ice cream with fellow MINI enthusiasts. This year we’re going to continue with going on Tuesday evenings. Here’s the outline for upcoming drives in 2023!


Tuesday, May 9th 2023 – Over the Top – Pleasant Hill, IA


Our Season opener at Over the Top in Pleasant Hill! A “Pleasant” drive followed by some friends, MINI’s and Ice Cream. Bring your walkies, don your CIMC apparel, name tags, and bring a desire for Ice Cream! Keep your eyes open for Club emails for timing and meeting locations!


Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 – Double Dipped, Huxley, IA

Look out Double Dipped Ice Cream and Coffee shop, as you’re about to be invaded!  Grab your walkies for this motoring adventure (where’s Bondurant?), wear that classy t, or polo, and your id (cuz we like to know who you are).

Tuesday July 11, 2023 – Korner Kone Eats N’Treats

Korner Kone - Ice Cream Shop in Dallas Center


Here we come Korner Kone in Dallas Center! Bring your walkies, your club attire, and an appetite for ice cream!


Tuesday, August 15th, 2023 – Frostees – Winterset, IA

A nice back-highway drive followed up with some tasty treats! Always a crowd pleaser. Bring your specialized motoring equipment and join us for the evening. Keep your eyes peeled for details in the club emails!


Tuesday September 12th, 2023 – Billy’s – Adel, IA

A wonderful drive through Waukee and into Adel for a club classic! Bring your walkies and your sweet tooth!


Tuesday October 10th, TBD