July 23, 2011 – Burma Shave Signs Drive

Roger Sitterly put together a catchy draw to bring out our MINIs for a little rural highway enjoyment. It started like this:

If you don’t know

Whose signs

These are,

You can’t have

Driven very far.

If you can supply the final line to the above jingle, you’ve already guessed what we did in July. If not, try this one:

Slow down Pa

Sakes alive!

Ma missed signs


And five.

So you’ve been given a huge clue in the title, CIMC drove out to go find the Burma Shave signs. “Our Iowa” magazine was in the process of placing one complete set of Burma Shave jingle signs in each county throughout the state. At the time, the closest sets of signs for those of us living in Central Iowa were in Boone, Story, and Marshall counties as none had yet been posted in Polk or Madison counties. No other state in the country had any of these signs posted, though one original set is on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and Roger had seen a couple of sets in various car museums.

The drive took place Saturday, July 23, and again departed from Willis’ MINI of Des Moines.

It was a perfect chance to get some pictures of our cars next to some truly amazing Americana.

What do you think the signs we found said? Maybe…


Has spring

The grass has riz

Where last year’s

Careless drivers is.

Or perhaps

The one who

Drives when

He’s been drinking

Depends on you

To do his thinking.

Or perhaps it was something else? Come join us at one of our monthly meetings or drives to find out!

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