Third Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt – April 23

photoscavCome join us for our 3rd Annual Photo Scavenger Hunt on Saturday April 23rd.  You don’t want to miss this event.  It’s nothing but craziness.

The fun begins at MINI of Des Moines (MODM).  Grab your co-pilot/photographer/motoring buddy and be there no later than 1:45 PM when we meet up with Jeremy Moyle for the driver’s meeting.  After getting the details for our adventurous afternoon we’ll be cut loose to conquer our quest.  With a strict 2 hour time limit you may want to plan on parking in a strategic place for a fast getaway!

To give you an idea of what you may expect and I say, may, because who knows what Jeremy has come up with this year and what new twists he’s thought up.  In the past we were given a list of phrases with one word missing.  Our job was to not only figure out the missing word but then go photograph that word on any sign, building, etc that we can find.  When you have all the answers, or when the clock runs out, motor back to MODM.  There is a strict 2 hour time limit; out at 2PM, in by 4PM, so keep a watchful eye on the clock.  Upon return to MODM, Jeremy and crew will tally the results to see who comes out on top and wins the prize.

Here’s an example from the past:  Pillsbury Doughboy – Poppin ______
E.g., Fill in the blank and then take a picture of a Subway sign with the word Fresh in your picture.

Be sure to RSVP via email or Facebook.  Our host will need to know how many ‘lists’ to print.  So charge up those cameras, phones, or whatever photo apparatus you’ll be using and join us.

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