May Drive- Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa!

Join us on May 16th as we once again join up with the Kansas City MINI Enthusiasts for a joint drive in Northern Missouri and Southern Iowa!

When:  May 16th 11 am

Where:  Toot-Toot Restaurant, Bethany, MO


We will have a convoy from Mini of Des Moines (MODM) to Bethany for those that are interested. This convoy is optional, but highly recommended! It’s only about 20 minutes slower than driving I-35 the whole way.  The route will be about 50/50 Highway 69 and I-35, jumping on the interstate to skip the boring parts of the highway.
For the convoy, try to be at MODM by 8:15AM on Saturday and absolutely no later than 8:30. The convoy will leave just after 8:30. There will be one rest stop about halfway in Osceola.

If you want to drive yourself, we’ll meet at 11AM in the parking lot of Toot-Toot Family Restaurant. The address is 2905 Miller St, Bethany, MO 64424.
In the Toot-Toot parking lot we can hand out maps and do introductions and wait until 11:15 for any stragglers, then break for lunch. Most of us will go to Toot-Toot if it isn’t too crowded, there is also a Sonic nearby that many have dined at in the past. I suggest you dine lightly. Some of these roads are quite hilly and we’ve had some motion sickness casualties in the past!

We’ll plot on leaving the restaurant around noon unless either the KCME or CIMC convoy is late, and we’ll line up in the Wal-Mart parking lot as per usual. Here’s another link to that location:

There will be a FAST group and a SLOW group, identified by placards on the back of the cars at the rear of the line. Fast group will be on the left, slow group on the right, same as previous years. If you’re comfortable working out your suspension in the curves, line up in the fast group. If you’d rather drive in a relaxed manner, pick the slow group. If the person in front of you is driving slower than you’d like, feel free to pass them when it’s safe to do so and you’ll probably both have more fun. This is a scenic drive and we will wait at every major stop/turn for the last car in the slow group to catch up, so there’s nothing wrong with hanging out at the rear! If you’d like to volunteer for rear car duties, I will have a spare FRS radio for you.

We’ll probably try to leave Wal-Mart by 12:15 and start the drive.

Everybody should bring a FRS radio AKA walkie-talkie if they have one. We’ll use them to communicate hazards on the route and such. Channel to be given out in Bethany.

I look forward to seeing you all there!


Please RSVP to me so I can have an accurate number of cars and people.



Jeremy Moyle

CIMC President

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