MINI’s to Macon, MO – Friday, October 4th

The official CIMC event for October will be the Fall Colors Drive, but if you’re looking for something else fun to do, see below from Hilary Morrissey:

Dear MINI Cooper Owners/Enthusiasts,

There are approximately 40 days until the 2nd MINI’s to Macon, MO Car Rally!

Most of the details are in place for a fun-filled day! There have been several commitments and a number of inquires for the event. We are still over 5 weeks from our rally date and I want to encourage anyone that plans on attending to send me an email and follow up with their registration form. I will need to try to obtain accurate information regarding participation as we are serving lunch and ordering rally materials. Please pass this information on to other MINI Cooper owners, as I am hopeful we can get as many coopers as we did in 2011 (16 MINI Coopers)

PS. I have attached a registration form and a flyer for the event (MTMFlyer2013)

Hope to see you in Macon, Missouri on Friday, October 4th, 2013!

3 thoughts on “MINI’s to Macon, MO – Friday, October 4th

  1. Momentum is starting to pick up for the MINI’s to Macon Rally scheduled for Friday, October 4th, 2013. At this time we have approximately 10 MINI’s scheduled to attend and we hope to meet or exceed the 16 MINI’s that attend in 2011.
    For those of you that indicated interest, please mail me your registration form so we can accommodate everyone who wants to attend.

    There is roughly 20 days until our event so please make plans to enjoy a wonderful fall day in Macon, Missouri! Also if you can forward this information and flyer to anyone that might enjoy the MINI’s to Macon Car Rally. I will be sending out more information approximately 10 days and 3 days until the event.

  2. The MINI’s to Macon, MO MINI Cooper Car Rally is 10 days and we are anticipating a good turnout with favorable weather! Cooler temperatures and the fall colors are starting to show up in Macon as we await Macon’s Football Homecoming and the arrival of the MINI Coopers. Every two years the citizens of Macon are treated to a wide variety of MINI Cooper models. I always get excited when a group of MINI’s strut their stuff.

    Pre-registration is important as we want to be prepared to accommodate all of the MINI Coopers. We do anticipate some drive-ins the day of the event and that is acceptable. Please let us know at your earliest convenience if you will be attending.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 4th of October!

  3. Details have been finalized for this Friday for the MINI’s to Macon, MO Car Rally! We are anticipating 10 to 12 MINI Coopers with possible additional drive-ins. The weather looks favorable and we believe a great day is in store for everyone that attends. Should anyone wants to join in that has not pre-register, please email me and get the MINI Cooper on the road on Friday!

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