MINI’s to Macon, MO – Friday, October 4th

The official CIMC event for October will be the Fall Colors Drive, but if you’re looking for something else fun to do, see below from Hilary Morrissey:

Dear MINI Cooper Owners/Enthusiasts,

There are approximately 40 days until the 2nd MINI’s to Macon, MO Car Rally!

Most of the details are in place for a fun-filled day! There have been several commitments and a number of inquires for the event. We are still over 5 weeks from our rally date and I want to encourage anyone that plans on attending to send me an email and follow up with their registration form. I will need to try to obtain accurate information regarding participation as we are serving lunch and ordering rally materials. Please pass this information on to other MINI Cooper owners, as I am hopeful we can get as many coopers as we did in 2011 (16 MINI Coopers)

PS. I have attached a registration form and a flyer for the event (MTMFlyer2013)

Hope to see you in Macon, Missouri on Friday, October 4th, 2013!

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